What is Acupressure Bodywork?

Acupressure therapy is an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine which specializes in using breathing and movement exercises to cultivate health and wellness. According to the nature and severity of the body, acupressure therapy techniques of massage, are used to stimulate appropriate acupoints, meridians or special places on the body surface. Reinforced by concentrated energy to promote circulation of energy, and blood in the body and to restore normal functioning of impaired organs.

Body Treatments Menu 

Thai/ The origins of this ancient healing practice dates back to the time of Buddha. 

With the client full clothed, this therapeutic full bodywork combine yoga like stretches and acupressure techniques. This treatment works specifically to open up meridians energy passageways throughout the entire body. 


Sometimes referred to as acupuncture without needles,Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing modality. The therapist works with a network of energy points throughout the body using palm and thumb pressure to relieve fatigue and stimulate the immune system.

Cranial Sacral

A Deeply relaxing, gentle, yet powerful form of therapy. Designed to restore the natural rhythms of the cerebral fluids. This subtle work promotes restoration and a greater integration of self physically, emotionally and spiritually. Excellent for improved functioning of the nervous system, relaxing of muscles and organs, and the release of accumulated emotional trauma.

Scalp Bodywork

A deeply relaxing scalp bodywork combined with a revitalizing. The touch

soothes the cuticle and protects the hair shafts from damage while promoting circulation and encourages hair growth.

NMT, Soft Tissue Release

A powerful injury treatment to improve range of motion, relieve

soreness and release chronic patterns of muscular tension. Precise pinpoint compression together with specific stretches combine to provide and accelerated healing process. NMT deals with both chronic and acute conditions.

Lymphatic Bodywork

 A gentle approach to cleansing the body's tissues that increase circulation

and flow of lymphatic fluid. This Treatment helps with allergies, arthritis, colds, edema, sinus congestion, and toxicity and weight imbalances while assisting the body in maintaining the integrity of the immune system.


Relax and revitalize your entire body with a bodywork of reflex points on the feet,

hands and ears that correspond to internal organs. Reflexology makes you aware of areas that require special care and attention while restoring balance to the body.

Hot Stone Bodywork 

An ancient Native American treatment using smooth heated stones to the

muscles. Healing warmth penetrates deep tension areas creating a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.


Poo Poo LaLa offers a series of innovative and restorative treatments inspired by the elements of life. Treatment programs that is as much for the inner self and mind as they are for ones body. Sessions that are focused on the synergistic dance of therapist and guest.  Our family of therapists work in an environment that enhances their healing energy, and in turn nourishes and deepens the experience for our guests.

Carefully designed music of your choice with headphones for the get-a-way effect. Combine the best of therapeutic touch with holistic health care and desire to make a significant life-long change.

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