The Mission

In the course of my mission, questions always come up about Touch & Appropriate Touch and

Natural Healing

It is not easy to find the answers to these questions,

Especially today when we are bombarded by so much confusing and contradictory information

My purpose

Who is

PooPoo LaLa

Acupressure Bodywork

FREE Natural Health Information...

Is to give back FREE LOVE to GOD and all

Thank you, for making me who I am today

Your New Best FRIEND

I have always been interested in Appropriate Touch & Natural Healing

My mother always worked standing and bending over a assembly line job for many years 26

Plus being head of the house and taking care of

The family

Everybody but herself

This is very common with BLACK WOMEN

Like my mother and most BLACK WOMEN

She was mis-educated on appropriate touch & natural health


As first born son you always try to make momma feel good

As a result of what I have learned at the Institute of Natural Health & My Life Path I will continue to

be “ME” learn & train, to use appropriate touch as a primary treatment in healing the body


Throughout my lifetime I have been taught, what’s good for me and what isn’t by many strong,

powerful WOMEN

Now I see what the plan was

You are a product of your environment and you can

Break the cycle

With GOD in your life

And a few good WOMEN...

I never want to promise anything I can’t deliver, whether in my personal life, in my sessions or

health tips

I will not make extravagant promises

Not of endless life, or of miracle cures

Though appropriate touch, diet and nutrition can play a significant role in what many people

referred to as Spontaneous Healing of the


“Wake up & Live...You are what you eat...Drink your water'

“PooPoo LaLa 4 Life”